Principal's message

Welcome to the Belridge Secondary College website.

Belridge SC aims to develop a school community that encourages personal, social and environmental responsibilities. The College has student achievement at the heart of our endeavours, and our staff have dedicated their efforts over a long period of time to improve learning outcomes for students in a wide range of domains. Our College aims to have rigorous expectations of student performance, and provide an inclusive environment in which all students can succeed.

Our College Values “Respect Yourself, Respect Others, and Respect the Space” are emphasised in our behaviour – staff, students and community members model and demonstrate these values in their everyday practice and learning.

Our College places emphasis on high levels of academic achievement - our ATAR performance over time has enabled the College to offer a comprehensive University Pathway course selection. Our VET results are evidenced by our systemically significant Attainment rate. These successes are complimented by our programs dedicated to excellence in the Arts, Technology and Enterprise and Health & Physical Education. Our Cricket Academy has consistently produced elite cricketers, and our Fashion and Design Specialist Program enables students to follow their passion and attain excellence in their chosen field.

Online sources can provide relevant information when deciding where to enrol your student. I would also encourage you to contact the school and arrange a tour of the facilities to enhance your understanding of the opportunities that our College can offer.

Welcome to our College.