Library Resource Centre

Welcome to Belridge Secondary College Library Resource Centre

The Library Resource Centre is an integral part of the school community, providing a welcoming, user-centred environment.  Our focus is the enrichment and support of the learning and teaching programmes of the school. 

The Library Resource Centre is equipped with desktop computers and laptops for student use.  Students and teachers can use a number of resources, including online Encyclopedias, e-books and "ClickView", a digital video system available across the whole school network and at home through the library catalogue "Destiny Quest".

Books are still an important part of our resource collection, with a strong non-fiction collection, as well as fiction, which supports the English curriculum and reading for enjoyment and relaxation. 

The library catalogue and research faculty (Destiny Quest) can be accessed off site at and by mobile phone/mobile device.  

Library staff are happy to assist students with setting up their phone or mobile device. 

Opening Hours and Staffing

The Library Resource Centre is staffed by a full time Teacher Librarian and Library Officer and opening hours are:-

Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 3.10 pm

Open recess (except Fridays)

Open lunchtimes

Students may find the following documents helpful when undertaking research tasks:

        Research instructions: research instructions.doc
        Reference worksheet: Reference Worksheet.doc