Senior Courses: General Information

General Information

Year 11 - 2018 Course Selection Booklet
Year 12 - 2018 Course Selection Booklet 


Years 11 and 12 are a new and exciting phase of your education.  They are the years during which you will prepare for your future beyond school, while you continue to build on the learning experiences of your primary and lower secondary education.  For most of you, completing Year 12 – graduating - and achieving the WA Certificate of Education (WACE) will be your aim.

You will find that your studies and experiences in the Senior School are different from earlier years.  Some of the differences include the range of course choices, smaller class sizes, closer relationships with teachers and the added responsibilities of being a senior student at Belridge SC.

Course Selection Guide booklets will provide you with information regarding all aspects of senior schooling at Belridge Secondary College.

I would like to welcome Year 11’s to the Senior School, and at the same time to extend to Year 12 students the best wishes of the school community for an enjoyable and successful completion to your secondary education.