VET for Schools

Vocational Education and Training 2017-2018

VET courses at Belridge Secondary College are delivered in partnership with a range of Registered Training Organizations (RTOs).  These arrangements, known as auspice, require our teachers (trainer /assessors) delivering and assessing the VET certificates to comply with the national standards for RTOs, designed to ensure quality of training outcomes.  See for detail on the standards.

One of the requirements of our training partners is for students and their parents to be fully informed about courses offered on behalf of RTOs.  Please check the attached Charges and Contributions Sheet for confirmation of the courses selected by your son/daughter, and refer to the table below for RTO provider details.  From the table, you can follow the hyperlinks for detailed information about each of our partner RTOs and the courses offered. Please keep in mind that Charges and Contributions are compulsory for senior school courses, and the school relies on student fees to deliver quality learning outcomes. 

Please keep in mind that Charges and Contributions are COMPULSORY for senior school courses, and the school relies on student fees to deliver quality learning outcomes. 

Please note that if your son/daughter’s 2017 Charges and Contributions Sheet lists VET Certificates, then it is considered that parental approval has been given for enrolment in VET Certificates delivered by our trainers, (teachers), on behalf of the listed RTOs.   If this is not the case, please contact the VET Coordinator before the end of the 2016 school year.

Unique Student Identifier Collection (USI)
From 2015, the Australian Government require all VET students to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI)available online   Each of our partner RTOs is required to collect USI’s from our students enrolling in certificates auspiced by them, and the WA Schools Curriculum Standards Authority will collect USI’s prior to accepting student results.    

- Please help your son/daughter to obtain a USI.  
- The final screen should read CREATE USI – SUCCESS, then list a ten letter/digit USI.  
- Please print this sheet and have your son/daughter bring it to Student Services for recording.

BSC Certificate course


Partner RTO

RTO details

Cert II in Construction Pathways

Cert II in Engineering



Careers Australia

RTO code: 31470

Cert II in Automotive


VETIS Consulting Services

RTO code: 52499

*VCS Parent handbook available for download from the website.

Cert II in Business

Cert II in Information and Communication Technology 

Cert III in Information and Communication Technology




Cert II in Applied Fashion Design Technology


South Metropolitan TAFE

RTO code: 52787

Cert II in Hospitality


Hospitality Group Training

RTO code: 0386

Cert II in Community Services

Cert II in Outdoor Recreation



Australian YMCA Institute of Education

RTO code: 3979

Cert II in Sport & Recreation


Cert III in Sport & Recreation

(Cricket & Netball Specialist)