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Invitation letters have now been mailed to students and parents for Orientation Day, details as follows:

The purpose of this day is to familiarise the Year 6 students and Parents with the administration staff, facilities, layout and routine of Belridge Secondary College. 

Students will be placed in groups and given a full day's timetable. Each student will get 6 x 30 minute periods in Learning Areas including The Arts, Design & Technology, Information Technology, Science, Home Economics and Physical Education. 

Parents will be offered a tour of the school in the morning, concluding at 10:00am. 

Tuesday 5 December 2017
Start Time 8:45am
Finish Time 2:45pm

Parents and students are required to assemble in the school gymnasium by 8:45am. 
PLEASE NOTE: Normal school time starts at 8:45am. Parents please do not arrive or drop off your children before 8:30am. If other arrangements need to be made, please contact the Year Coordinator. 

As students will be attending from many different primary schools, Parents and Carers are to make independent arrangements for student's transportation to and from Belridge Secondary College. 

To easily identify the students, it would be beneficial to be in primary school sports uniform. Students should conform to the dress code of their own primary school.

Recess and Lunch
Students are to bring their own packed food for recess and lunch.
Recess and lunch will be fully supervised by staff.  Students will NOT have the opportunity to purchase food from the cafe. 

Student Guides
Each group will be under the direction of Year 10 Student Guides, to help find the timetabled rooms and to keep each group on time. 

The timetable for the Year 6 students is different from the normal school times. This is so that recess and lunch do not coincide. Normal period times are 62 minutes. The Year 6s for this day will be on a 30 minute period timetable. 

Departure Time
At 2:30pm each group will meet back in the gymnasium for a final talk and will be dismissed by 2:45pm.  Normal school closing time is 3:05pm. To assist with traffic congestion, we would appreciate if all Year 6 students were collected from the school grounds before 3:00pm.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the day, please contact me on 9408 8000 / 9408 8036 or email

Ms Petra Trinke
Year 7 Coordinator 2018