Year Co-ordinators

The Year Coordinators work as members of a Student Services Team under the direction of the Heads of Student Services (HOSS) for Middle School (Years 7, 8, 9) and Senior School (Years 10, 11, 12) and the Administration Team to assist students.

Year Coordinators for 2017:-

Year 7  Ms Heather Currie
Year 8  Ms Alicia Holliday
Year 9 Mr Brent Jarvis-Spinks
Year 10  Mr Joel Bond
Year 11  Ms Tarryn Hunt
Year 12  Ms Lazo Njegich

Year Coordinators:

  • Distribute relevant information through Form Class, Year assemblies and special group meetings.
  • Monitor student performance with regard to academic achievement, school dress, social development, behaviour and punctuality.
  • Organise Year group, whole of school competitions, camps, educational visits and special programmes as directed by the HOSS.
  • Assume a proactive role in managing the BMIS data. Use IT to record BMIS data and analyse students’ behaviour profiles.
  • Assist in monitoring the school ethos and adopt strategies for improvement.
  • Facilitate new student enrolment and school orientation.
  • Organise school work for absent students as requested by parents.
  • Provide student progress reports to staff or parents as requested.
  • Assist students with special needs through Student Services.
  • Coordinate the school's reward based merit point program.