Senior School Pathways

Years 11 and 12 are a new and exciting phase of your education.  They are the years during which you will prepare for your future beyond school, while you continue to build on the learning experiences of your primary and middle secondary education.  For most of you, completing Year 12 – graduating – and achieving the WA Certificate of Education (WACE) will be your aim.

You will find that your studies and experiences in the Senior School are different from earlier years.  Some of the differences include the range of course choices, smaller class sizes, closer relationships with teachers and the added responsibilities of being a senior student at Belridge SC.

The diversity of courses at Belridge Secondary College offers opportunities for young adults preparing for a range of post secondary pathways, including further education; training or employment. Courses are offered in either an ATAR (University), General or VET (Employment & Training) pathway.  ATAR course selections must be supported by teacher recommendations.

Studying at the senior level means that students are expected to take greater responsibility for their decisions. The school will support you by providing quality teaching, carefully monitoring student progress and working in partnership with parents or guardians to ensure success.

The handbook contains information to help students decide which pathways and courses to study in Years 11 and 12. The options are varied and discussions with parents, teachers, the college administration and others are very important. Students and parents are advised to make themselves familiar with the contents of the Course Selection Booklets and other information available to them.

Parents are an important part of this process, as they are the biggest single influence in a student’s choice of career pathway. Students will be looking for guidance and support in making informed choices and parents are encouraged to be active participants in information sessions, counselling and interviews.


Important Note: Undertaking External VET Courses

Should a student choose to participate in an external VET program, the student will miss classes at BSC. It is therefore a condition of participation that the student keeps up to date with all aspects of his/her program of study at BSC.  VET programs count as a course/unit equivalent towards WACE and participating students may be allowed to reduce their course load to give them the greatest opportunity to succeed.

Please notify the College – Carlos Notarpietro – if you intend to apply for an external VET program.

VET courses at Belridge Secondary College are delivered in partnership with a range of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).  These arrangements, known as auspice, require our teachers (trainer /assessors) delivering and assessing the VET certificates to comply with the national standards for RTOs, designed to ensure quality of training outcomes.  For full details of standards see here.

One of the requirements of our training partners is for students and their parents to be fully informed about courses offered on behalf of RTOs.  Please check your Charges and Contributions Sheet for confirmation of the courses selected by your son/daughter as soon as it is received, and refer to the table below for RTO provider details.

Please keep in mind that Charges and Contributions are compulsory for senior school courses, and the school relies on student fees to deliver quality learning outcomes.

Please note that if your son/daughter’s Charges and Contributions Sheet lists VET Certificates, then it is considered that parental approval has been given for enrolment in VET Certificates delivered by our trainers (teachers), on behalf of the listed RTOs.   If this is not the case, please contact the VET Coordinator before the end of the school year.


The Australian Government require all VET students to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).  Each of our partner RTOs is required to collect USIs from our students enrolling in certificates auspiced by them, and the WA Schools Curriculum Standards Authority will collect USIs prior to accepting student results.

  • Assist your son/daughter to obtain a USI from
  • The final screen should read CREATE USI – SUCCESS, then list a ten letter/digit USI.
  • Please save a copy for yourself and also print or email this sheet and have your son/daughter bring it to Student Services for recording.


See RTO tables below for certificates delivered by way of a third party partnership arrangement with the relevant RTO (Registered Training Organisation), where training and assessment is conducted by our teachers/trainers, on behalf of the RTO.

RTO Table 2023-24
RTO Table 2024-25