Booklists are mailed late November/early December each year, together with school charges for the following academic year.   It is important to note that you are only required to order stationery relevant to the courses/subjects listed on your child’s contribution and charges sheet, and not the whole of the booklist items.

Textbooks are to be purchased in Years 11 and 12.  For all other years, the College will provide your child with a copy.

If you are unable to pay your account in full by the end of Term 1, a payment arrangement can be formalised: PAYMENT PLAN AGREEMENT FORM

Proposed additional costs – below is a list of potential additional maximum costs that your child could be requested to pay throughout the year for the applicable subjects:

Proposed additional costs Years 7 to 9 – 2024
Proposed additional costs Years 10 to 12 – 2024


Year 7, 2024 Booklist
Year 8, 2024 Booklist
Year 9, 2024 Booklist
Year 10, 2024 Booklist
Year 11, 2024 Booklist
Year 12, 2024 Booklist