If you wish to reach a deeper appreciation for the wonder of music and experience the joy that comes from being a part of its creation, then our Elite Music Program is for you.

As part of this course, students will study the language of music and use this knowledge to compose their own pieces. They will actively listen to music across a wide range of styles to decipher their inner workings and broaden their experiences. As part of this program students will engage with a variety of technological tools to enhance the compositional and mixing components of the course and enrich the learning experience.

In addition to the development of musical skill covered through the course, participants will develop vital life skills including creative thinking, collaboration, confidence and perseverance. These key attributes and skills are crucial elements in their development, setting a path for success across the curriculum and beyond school.  In partnership with the Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS), students have access to a range of specialist instrumental teachers and several ensemble groups. Through our program students will also have many exciting opportunities to perform at events and concerts within the school and in the wider community in a range of solo and group contexts.

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