Student Services Team

The Student Services Team is a co-ordinated body of education and service personnel who work under the direction of the Head of Student Services (HOSS). This team administers a wide range of school processes and initiatives including the SMS attendance service, behaviour modification programs, reward programs, student leadership and development, medical and emotional well-being programs and support services.

The Student Services Team:

Chadd Richardson – Years 7 and 8 – Head of Student Services

Heather Currie – Years 9 and 10 Head of Student Services

Benjamin Dawkins – Years 11 and 12 – Head of Student Services

Deb Lawrence and Jo Savoury – Community Health Nurses

Ida Steyn – School Psychologist

Phil Leenman – School Chaplain

Rebecca Edmonds – Academic Enrichment Coordinator

Mikaela Shirley – Inclusive Education Coordinator

Meredith Fuhrmann – Workplace Learning and VET Coordinator

Ashley Mourtiz – Career Practitioner

Rebecca Edmonds – Year 7 Coordinator

Lucas Francis – Year 8 Coordinator

Jodie Grieve – Year 9 Coordinator

Janneke Markovic – Year 10 Coordinator

Stephen O’Neil – Year 11 Coordinator

Brent Jarvis-Spinks – Year 12 Coordinator

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